Friday, August 16, 2013


Storm Dancer,
    by RAYNE HALL.

Have you ever wondered what a movie would be like in book form?
 where you can read and read and the words become the picture...As you go further into the book your curious to find out what will happen next..Not wanting to end any time soon.. Just continue and continue..

Well then this would be one of those books.
Rayne Hall is one of the best authors of Dark Epic Fantasy novels and tales.. Not only do they excite the reader, but they also have meaning.. Like these stories really fall in the true life category.. not only are they stories but they have parts that can be related to real life.. And that's scary!!

The awesome book I was able to review, thanks to the copy Rayne sent :).. Is called Storm Dancer.

Storm Dancer is a novel about a guy named Dahoud, who had a horrible demon who lived inside of him forcing him to do things that would make women fear for their lives being any where near him.. Dahoud finds himself trying to get away from all of this and change his life..He comes across another, a magician named  Merida.  Now Merida is well known as a loyal citizen and was sent to the desert on a mission to bring rain and fill the land with enlightenment.. However, as they began to travel together, learning one anothers abilities and skills plus helping each other out.. They wind up having to fight an evil villain..

I thought this book was exciting and well written.. worth a buy:)

I felt as if I couldn't put it down..
Every page had me curious what would happen next.. How will Dahoud change to be a protector and defeat his demon inside of him....

Finally I would then think about the ending and question the idea if he was once a bad person like so many with addictions.. who go and get help, but end up returning back to their addictions.. Can this guy really change?, Is it possible for anyone to honestly change and fight their demons? Wouldn't something easily trigger them back to where they were in the past?

I guess with all that said.. I think from my kind heart I would trust to give a person another chance or a few.. You can't change over night and you can't expect miracles, We are only human, so just to know if a person is able to go and work on it and try to become a better person is more then not fixing it at all..

Rayne Hall, I thank you so much for this wonderful book..

5 stars *****

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