Tuesday, August 13

she's twelve going on twenty, review

this book by Kim Camp
She's twelve going on twenty

is a great book for girls and moms to learn how to talk to each other and explian how to nurture your daughter through the tween yen and learn all about life.  With the questions girls may have or thoughts. this book will help and bring the daughters mind at ease and the mothers..

There's even a chart to show what characteristics your daughter may have and show..

Thanks to booksneeze I was able to get a copy and review it..

with the detailed info you will understand everything that makes a daughter who she is.. Why they act the way they do. Even if your unsure how to answer questions or ask them this book will surly help you out.

Kim Camp is a host and producer of the Lifersize video series for expectant and new mothers.. she trys to answer and help every thing you may come across in you daughters teen years.

Her books and videos are known to help many families and guide them.

you can buy it on barnes & noble