Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Real Men Don't Text. book review and Giveaway

by, Ruthie Dean and Michael Dean

This book is about how texting can part of your relationship..from the good texts to the worse ones and what they mean...

I found interesting on Chapter 4, Real Men Wait For Sex... You learn how young men grew up with the mindset on sex from images to satisfy the craving, but not all will try to get you into bed..There's a part that explains what lies a man will feed you to get you into bed..Many you probably heard over and over.
Here's A few:

• “If you loved me, you would sleep with me.” If a guy ever says this to you, I want you to take a deep breath and turn it around on him: “If you loved me, you would respect my boundaries.” Women, some men will tug on your emotions to get you to go further physically with them. Don’t let them make you feel guilty, and don’t be afraid to speak up. Use your voice.
• “I have ‘needs,’ and sex is one of them.” Sex is not a need. No man has ever died from a lack of sex. He may have  ninety-  nine needs, but sex ain’t one. I survived just fine for  twenty-  nine years of my life sans sex, and he can too.
• “I love you.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some guys will tell you they love you just to get sex. He may actually love you, but he may just be trying to have sex with you. Not having sex will help bring clarity to his feelings.
• “We won’t know if we’re compatible unless we have sex.” How many people do you know who waited until marriage to have sex and then “weren’t compatible” sexually? Sexual compatibility is a myth, because it’s based on selfish desires and comparison. You will be sexually compatible with someone you love deeply. That’s how it’s designed to work.

Interesting I would of probably fell into that web if told one of those lies.. But Honestly I always stick to how I feel, not what one another says..:) So if your not ready don't give into something that may just be a one nighter or turn out to be a BIG MISTAKE..

Another page very interesting... in a few chapters there are a section called Text Translations will explain the texts you might have received and what exactly it mean.
In chapter 5 the text is about him going on very heavy about hanging out and dating.. and then the result is that he starts out strong and then after a few dates he just disappears.
Reason is that he's scared to go any further and not sure if hes going to end up liking you. So you should tell him you would like to have consistency in your dates and communicate better.. However if he's there for you talking to you and not having any problems being with you.. not a sign of being to occupied or busy on the phone or no time to spend with you or really listening then maybe something is up and you don't belong with him..

I loved the book bunch of new info that I would not of known of..

Thanks to Michael and Ruthie for the copy

This was a great book and I love a book that can help you understand things more.. so you know have yourself set for the future..

If you have any questions about your relationship or dating or even sex.. Ruthie has a section on her site for you to ask anything that's on your mind...If you want an answer to any one those questions go here, 


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