Friday, August 30, 2013

Joy and Tears. by Gerald W. Peterman book review

Joy and Tears
the emotional life of the christian

by Gerald W. Peterman

This book I would like to thank  Mp Moody Publishers   for the complimentary copy.

The book asks the question on every ones mind..Why did God give us emotions?

Now this book will help you answer those questions.. this will answer your questions why you may feel guilt when being forgiven. or why your angry sometimes at God.
Emotions is a gift from God, rather than Satan.. we need these emotions to live godly..

One sample of the book would be the emotion of guilt.. In the pages on guilt, it explains why you feel this way and which parts of the bible explain the same info..

guilt - doing something wrong, or feeling that you know you did this bad act and can't stop thinking about it

Why were we given the emotion of guilt --> to realize that we need to fix it or we'll be living with the feeling for a long time..

for example if say your son tossed a ball in the house and accidentally knocked down a vase.. It falls and cracks... then you ask what had happen.. the boy says the cat knocked it down and you believe him.. and that cat gets yelled at.. but the boy didn't... The boy will soon feel guilt that he knew who has done it and is scared to tell the truth but now suffers with the thought of having the cat get yelled at and holding in the pain that he has done it.. Might even lead to nightmares and feeling bad for a long time..

So the best action is to fix it...

The boy decides to tell the truth and apologizes... That reaction might mean a little yelling, but the parent will get over it and tell him its OK things happen just play ball outdoors.. So after the talking to.. at least the kid is now clear conscious and feels better to have told the truth and fixed what has happened..

That would be an example of one section on guilt..

I loved this book it was very informative on different emotions that make sense to why we were made to have it. 

If your looking for a great book, and answers to why we cry, why we feel shame.. this book will be for you... with all the emotions, you learn something new on every page..

to purchase it go here:

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