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Football Mom's Survival Guide: How You and Your Son Can Be Champs in Football (Sportsparenting Survival Guides)


 Football Mom's Survival Guide:
How You and Your Son Can Be Champs in Football
(Sportsparenting Survival Guides)

Janis B. Meredith, the author

Excellent book for the kindle:), worth every penny!

It begins off with a little background of the authors experiences, a child in love with playing football.
Many children start out young, hanging out on the couch with their dad's and watching the game. That may be the first spark of excitement to try out for a league.  Janis mentions how her son at 2years old began to love the game, and that love soon grew more. When her son became 7yrs old he was signed up for tackle football. After that his life was surrounded around the game.

In this book you'll get so much information that every mom would love to know if they had a child heading into a rough game like football..
From safety to dealing with the drama of the game..

Sometimes your father may be your coach and that could be as hard as well.
 You will get to learn methods to use to help configure the clashing between son and father, because of the game.. Sometimes its just that they need to sit down and explain to each others their expectations, and how to understand that its just a game and if you tried your best its all you can do.. No need for your husband to give your son a yelling to because of a loss. Plus another thing would be the child having difficulties accepting the loss that was made by him, or another team mate. You need to understand that boys may take it hard as many do even females sometimes. It haunts them as if they aren't good as they thought to win the game.

I found this indeed helpful..
A mom friend of mine, I knew had two boys who played in football. One who is now out of high school and is thinking of helping to coach a team as an apprentice.  The younger one who turned 14 this year just began and is following his older brothers lifestyle of football.. Well his mom told me how good he was. that the high school is buying him items to get him on the team..
Now that's great and all and the boy was super excited. However a few games through he was doing well till he lost a game and then that's when she told me how you have too like support them any way you can cause they do go hard on their selves thinking why did they lose and it may get a little depressed and it may consume them..
At that point I think I'd suggest as the book does, is try to make them understand they are a winner no matter what,  and they will get it next time.:)

The book was super helpful, and Its full of real and useful methods that will help you along the way.
None of this is made up, I know for sure cause I seen this in every kid I knew and Parents.

 Janis for a copy of this great book :)

If your interested and should be :)

buy it here

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