Friday, August 23

Encouragement for Today book review

Encouragement for Today

devotions for everyday living

Renee Swope, Lysa TerKeurst, Samantha Evilsizer

 Before I begin, I want to Thank for this free complimentary book to review. :)

This book I was able to review is full of ways to help encourage you to do your daily things and get you through the day. It includes real life stories, that you may relate too.. Plus the highs and lows of love and how you handle those feelings as well..

The book is full of relate able content, One that I find interesting is bad moments don't make bad moms.. on this page you read how you are seen as the good mom, such as arriving to the school on time to present something with your child.. then the opposite, the bad mom when you forget to fill out the permission slip and the teacher has you on the list as never returning in the slip.. or the good mom when you have your kids ready on time for the bus, but the bad mom when you feed them sugar for breakfast..

mainly the results would be think how you were still a good mom, and that God is there and will help guide you.. To not down yourself for the little issues that you see as bad.. Just harp on the good that you are doing to bring up your children..

Honestly everyone has had a moment like that.. first doing something good and some choices may not be seen as good as they should be, but that doesn't make you bad and you should know That God is there to help and you tomorrow is another day where you can fix these problems and change slowly or as fast as you prefer :).. That's just one of the stories in this book to help with your day..

There are ones on maybe something you said that day, or haven't been in church lately, and a bunch of others

I loved it very helpful for any situation I'm dealing with, and you'll love it too..

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