Monday, August 26

Don't miss the boat, ebook review

Announcing Don't Miss the BoatDon't Miss The Boat
Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat
by, Paul Taylor

This sounds like a great book..explains everything about the water that flooded the world and Noah who had to build the ark to rescue the creatures of Gods creation..
I thought it to be very en joyful and interesting to learn how God has made these plans and why certain things were meant to happen. I think the book was adventurous and interesting to learn about the plans to build the ark and why the flood was necessary.. then you get what our society now believes and the history of it all..

This book has a lot of bible references and explains how the world became and how it was set up to Gods plan.. You will get guided through each chapter with bible info on why certain things relate to the flood and why they drew that conclusion..

If your interested in the book go here and take a look and possibly purchase it to learn more..Its filled with a lot of information that will help you understand why this all had to happen.

you can check it out here:

thanks to newleaf for this copy to review