Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cassie & Caleb, Discover God's Wonderful Design, book review

Cassie & Caleb, Discover God's Wonderful Design

Author  Susan Hunt & Richie Hunt
Cassie & Caleb Discover God's Wonderful Design (Plants & Pillars Series)
This book was truly heart full. It has so much powers in the words used and every page has all you need of how Gods creations are meant in the world.. From the girls being the pillars to be admired and the sons being the well nurtured plants..
In every page you learn a little bit of the bible, and how it represents the story in the photo and in words..
Now the book is about a Sister and Brother, Cassie and Caleb. It explains the daily events that they go through and how God's creation of a boy and a girl are equally important, as is the events the family deals with everyday.

I really enjoyed the book.. As A child of 5-8 would as well.
You learn so much and it teaches the child while you read through, it has questions for them to answer.

Very insightful and detailed.. Heartfelt and fun..

Great book

you can get it here

thankyou Moody Publications for a copy