Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jump Start Responsive Web Design

Jump Start Responsive Web Design
by Craig Sharkie and Andrew Fisher

Thanks to the helpful and informative book of web design, you'll learn so much.
Not only will your business website be designed to portray your product or make for an inviting site to visit. The Information makes it easy to understand how to build a better site and to make it stand out to the public. Details on the meanings of certain words, that may boggle a beginner on the computer..

There is a lot of tips, that can help you understand and get the design you want.
However, there is also the helpful words Watch Out (warnings) that will tell you of problems that maybe encountered if you proceed in the choices you've made. So you can rest assure you'll have a great web page for all eyes too see. :)

Another benefit, I found useful is that in every different machine from tablet, computer, and phone you'll get a different viewing of your web page. Also how different Internet browsers will show off your appearance of your site. While some may lack in color or how others will appear much better. They mainly still look the same, just some don't handle the imagery and design as well.

Now for a final note, this book does have a great part on Fonts. Not only will they make your site pop but give it the look you want, eye catching and help you sell your products (if trying to sell). 

I think it was a bit confusing, but If looking at the detailed way they present how it is seen on the computer and format. I found it to be not as bad as doing it by myself. :)

Great work Craig and Andrew, this material will surly help many.

to purchase the book go here
for a choice of ebook format or paperback