Monday, July 29

Cute book--> Biff and Becka's Stupendous Vacation

This is a kindle book, can be found on amazon for 3.99 (not a bad price)

Let me say this is very cute..
The story has a heavenly appeal and is about two bunnies and their vacation that turns out to be not what they have expected... Its got many creative things that The two bunnies, Biff and Becka do while trying to make do with a vacation at home.

Biff really didn't like the idea of this vacation, that mom and dad planned but at the end he realises

it wasn't at all instead its was Stupendous...

So with a religious blend and a tale of the bunnies vacation, its really a nice story to read to the entire family you can learn alot.. and how you don't really need to spend alot to have a great time:)

I would say a must buy :)