Friday, February 24, 2017

The Acid Watcher Diet by Jonathan Aviv, MD, FACS

I am always looking for some way to help my acid reflux and that is why this book, The Acid Watcher Diet by Jonathan Aviv, MD, FACS caught my interest! I honestly love to know more or whatever I can to balance my body from acid, which is really bad for the entire body!

After reading this book, I learn so much that I really had no idea about, even though I've researched in the past about certain foods being too acidic.What really caught my attention is that you do need a balance, not to dump out all the acidic foods in your diet. I guess when they always said moderation in everything, I believe they meant that for a reason! 

So I do think that I really got a better idea about my acid reflux and how to handle it! I do notice a complete change from the approach and steps in this book! I don't mind too much to follow the recipes, which I rather make my own mixed up meals. However, I do enjoy the idea of what is acidic and what really is good to have! So yes this book is very helpful, but I wouldn't jump on changing my diet totally, just moderate how much at each meal and make sure it's full of a healthy alkaline rainbow of veggies with the proteins and dairies I have! 

Information About The Author:
DR. JONATHAN E. AVIV, MD, FACS is a world-renowned physician, surgeon, educator, inventor, speaker, and author. He is the clinical director of the Voice and Swallowing Center of ENT and Allergy Associates, the largest ear, nose, and throat private practice group in the United States. He is also a clinical professor of otolaryngology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Book Information:
  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Harmony; 1 edition (January 24, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1101905581
  • ISBN-13: 978-1101905586
  • Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bianyo Premium Dual Tip Brush Pen 12-Pack

I am a huge fan of great quality in art products! I never understood what makes a regular marker better than another, well it definitely is obvious once you try a top quality brand like Bianyo Premium Dual Tip Brush Pen. This set of markers actually is wonderful not only for those coloring books, scrapbooking or art of any kind, but it's even nicer on the wallet! You're not spending too much to get great quality and yet you do get great, great quality with this set!
I think that the big thing that sticks out to me is that they come in a pack of 12, but dual sided! This means, you have double the amount of the same color, but each side has a different brush which gives you better results on any image you want to color or design. You can use one side for thin, tight areas and the other for large spaces. As the markers are made to be easier for us to get a more precise color or line and also a bolder or thicker line and color in when needed!

I never had such great markers that don't bleed as these do! That is my second favorite feature of these markers. You get two sides that go right in the space they belong when coloring in a design or
book. No more bleeding the color to the other section as cheap versions of markers may do.
Finally, with a 12 pack, you really get double the amount and a great set of quality markers by 
Bianyo Art Supplies.
Product Information:
  • DUAL TIP- Dual tip meets all your needs. 1-2 mm Brush Tip for coloring, shading, and blending. 0.8 mm Round Tip for outlining and fine detail.
  • NON-TOXIC - Water based dye ink, non-toxic and odorless.
  • RICH COLORS- 12 Pack includes Primary Colors - blue red, and yellow. Secondary Colors- green, orange, and violet. Additional colors include light blue, light green, light pink, dark pink, brown and black.
  • USING- The colors can be scattered with water and mixed perfectly.PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life.
  • 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!We confidently back our product with a 100% Satisfaction, no hassle, money-back guarantee.
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Bianyo 72 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers

The Bianyo 72 Color Dual Tip Art Set is perfect for all types of creative art! You could color in those fancy adult coloring books, you could use them to design cards with nice cursive writing or just to send a message, and even use them to doodle your own artwork if you'd like! I find them to be multi-useful and such a wonderful set because they have the two sides, so you have over 70 markers to choose from. Each marker has two sides of the same color, with different size tips, thin and thick. 
I find that writing with these and even coloring is so simple and they don't bleed like many other cheap markers. I find the tips really help for this purpose! You can get them to color in the areas that are super small and tiny from those adult coloring books and even write neater with the fine tip. It doesn't leave a mess or a sloppy look, which is great for writing on pages for scrapbooking or card making.

Finally, the case is a cherry on the top of this sundae! You have such a wonderful selection and such a perfect set that could be a great gift to any artist! Especially, if you add a coloring book, this can be a wonderful present to give. However, with everything from the case and the different colors, you'll really love the quality and the many uses you can use them for, I know I am.
Product Information:
  • Alcohol-based permanent markers, comes with a form-fitting black zip-up case with a holder, organized it well and perfect for traveling
  • 72 vibrant colors. Highly pigmented and vibrant markers are built to last against fading. Our markers can be used to change shades in different colors as well, good for doing Japanese caricatures, anime pictures,fashion design, coloring and more
  • Dual tip: broad and fine. The broad tip makes lines that are approximately 6 to 7 mm wide at the widest point. The fine tip makes lines that are 1 to 2 mm wide
  • The colors on the caps have limited relevance to the color that comes out the tip. Having numbers on the markers makes it easier to come back to a color
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. We're so confident that you'll be amaze with our Bianyo Markers. If you're not satisfied with them at any time, we'll provide a full refund
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