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Mickey's Ultimate Challenge - SEGA Game - Classic, Retro, Fun, Relaxing and Skill Building Entertaining. Challenging Puzzle Game

I always feel, no matter if it's a simple game or choosing the easy version, you still get to benefit from the game. I use to play Mickey's Ultimate Challenge on my Gameboy system, but never knew it was made also for Sega. However, it's similar no matter the system, portable or stationary. What I love about this game is that there are a few different challenges to accomplish. I never was great when I started playing this game, but since I've played it before and a few games before that, my skill level adjusts and I am able to blow through each challenge easily. 
The thing that I always have a problem with, well no matter easy or hard, is the ending. The last puzzle always took me time to rearrange the pieces to make the alarm clock. There may be some type of pattern to follow as with all of the challenges, but I just usually make it work after a while of moving different parts around. I did get stuck in the game, so if you see me walking around after finishing all of the mini-challenges, that is why. However, I remembered that I needed to return the pieces in for golden wishing beans. I knew I had to do something with the well, but forgot how. 
So after that, took me about 12-13mins to accomplish and help me relax before starting my day, also get my brain working by figuring out each puzzle and finally, it was a blast to play! Thanks for visiting and if you want to view the gameplay, check it out below.

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Thursday, July 19

The Secret Language of Anatomy An Illustrated Guide to the Origins of Anatomical Terms Author: Isla Fay, Cecilia Brassett, Emily Evans Foreword by: Dr. Alice Roberts

"I received a free copy of the book in exchange for writing a review on my blog"

The Secret Language of Anatomy has been a terrific guide on the human body. It's not a quick glimpse of one single view of the body, but instead, multiple views of different body parts and how they represent similar shapes found elsewhere. There is also a description on top of each page, explaining the meaning and location of the term and body part. It's quite different than many books I've read but super helpful to learn and use as guidance. Also with the strange names that each part is called, you can refer to them with the shape that they look similar too.
Even for just those using this book as a guide for their own knowledge, this can really help out. Especially for those who are taking a course in medicine. It's really one thing I feel that helps me as I've studied in Physical Therapy and could use the reference.  One big aspect of the book that I love is how huge the illustrations are and the easy to understand how each term was used for a specific body part. 
One thing that this book did was open my eyes to the unique names each part of our body has received. So now I can say, I understand where they came from, thanks to this guide! A few examples of these terms used that represent food and plants, such as the plant known as the fungi, mushroom and how it looks like that of our tongue. Also, the way the facial skeleton on a lateral view has a similar appearance of a wing, bird-style wing. It's quite interesting and the body features look exactly like them. Also, this makes it easy to understand what each piece does and how they work.
Finally, this guidebook is the something new and useful for all studies in medicine. I really like the huge images and the realistic photos of what the body part may represent. This makes for a perfect reference book. So I would consider this to be a great one to have on hand! 

About The Authors:
CECILIA BRASSETT is the university clinical anatomist, responsible for organizing the anatomy teaching program, at the University of Cambridge. She initially qualified as a general surgeon, then resigned and trained in field linguistics to work among an ethnic minority group in China for some years before returning to the UK. She is also a fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and a Councillor of the Anatomical Society.

EMILY EVANS is a senior demonstrator of anatomy at the University of Cambridge. Evans is also a medical illustrator, author, and publisher. She runs her businesses Anatomy Boutique and Anatomy Boutique Books from her studio in London. She regularly writes and gives talks about the use of anatomy in contemporary art practice.

ISLA FAY joined the department of physiology, development and neuroscience, University of Cambridge, in 2016, having previously worked as a historical researcher. She is the author of books and articles on the subjects of Osteoarchaeology and pre-modern environmental health and hygiene.

Book Information:
  • Hardcover: 176 pages
  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books; Illustrated edition (July 31, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1623172454
  • ISBN-13: 978-1623172459
  • Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 0.9 x 8.6 inches
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Sexy Fashion + Shoes = ♥ Pink Basis Spring Shoes - Deals, Fashion, Style

"I received free shoes in exchange for writing a review on my blog"

I have always been a huge fan of shoes, well it's been one thing I can't live without! We wear them everywhere we go and they make a perfect addition to any outfit. However, when spring comes along, as well as summer, it's great to take off those boots and sneakers that cover the foot up completely. Now it's time to put on those open toe heels, sandal style shoes of all types, and many more open style shoes to let your feet breath and be seen!

In addition, having a great place to buy a few new pairs, where the new shoes come to you, and costing you not so much is also a pleasure! This is all from an online store known as Plus, they have so many different styles to choose from no matter the season, and this isn't only a place for shoes, but clothing too. Also, if you are looking for that WOW from everyone that sees you in a new pair of shoes, well they provide such styles that will make any outfit POP!

Here are a few of my favorites, well many were in the lead, but these two caught my eyes
My favorite pair I had to have are The Sexy Black Floral Open Toe Platform Chunky High Heels Nubuck and The Sexy Pink Open Toe Slingback Chunky High Heel Singel Sole. Each are chunky heeled and full of fun colors that work perfectly for summer! I just love the style and decorative detailing. The buckles make a nifty hold around the ankle, while the design of each stands out from the rest I own.
Not only do they cost a lot less than many retail shops, but the designs are totally original and different, which I can't find in any other place. Plus, there are always so many to choose from and yet these pairs really captured my eyes. In addition, they aren't the typical black or white. Instead, I chose a bit on the color side, which a simple dress or outfit normally looks good, but even better with these shoes!
It's like that additional piece that makes everyone's eyes look down in jealousy. To top it off, they fit perfectly and comfortably. So if you want to know the secret of a great deal and excellent quality shoes, well check out It's not only a shop that is great on the wallet, but great in the way they provide perfect fitting clothing and shoes that look great everytime you put them on! That is why I'm always taking a look at what they have to offer since there is always something new to be seen.♥
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