Feb 17, 2019

Sewing A New Bag for Knitting Needles - Easy Crafting on Sunday with No Pattern

Today, I decided to put my project plans into action. After all, I really wanted to change the way I normally carry my knitting needles, by creating something more sturdy and made by myself ☺. So I took one of my favorite pillowcases that I don't use anymore. Additionally, it has a pretty blend of colors and floral design that I really liked.
Once I got that piece of fabric, I knew I needed another fabric, something a bit sturdier. The only reason is that I have plenty of knitting needles and they can or will weigh a light fabric down, possibly ending up with tearing it. Therefore, the best way to make my favorite fabric of choice to work, I needed to have something that would be much stronger for the inside. So I found a piece of black fabric, thick and perfect! 

With this project, I didn't really make something similar to any other design, cause I wanted something just as simple as a long tube that would hold every needle I have, making it easy to pick up and bring anywhere when I need my knitting needles. Also, to keep 
them in one place so I don't have to worry about where to find them or misplacing one or another and leaving them behind. In addition, this is a no pattern design. Not much measuring, which can happen for future designing of a knitting case, but at this time, I did it all by estimation and testing it out with my own needles.
Now, the extra step of the additional fabric can be skipped if using a thick fabric already, but for my fabric of choice and the number of needles, I totally needed that extra sewing step. Also, pressing is required for both before stitching them together and making sure they line up on top of each other perfectly. After the cutting and pressing, I moved on to sewing the pieces together, folding one end down for the opening. Next, I did a check to see if the needles would fit this case and how much shorter I might need to reduce it. I always give myself some extra space to work with, in case I need it. Since you can always cut more away, but can't really add.
Afterward, I estimated the right area to add the little elastic band, which I'm making into a belt, which will hold the needles a bit more. Now it was time to sew it once again, making sure to tuck the strap inside so that it's not left on the wrong side. Clips really come in handy, I'm not too big on using pins, but I will use them. However, I prefer the small clips to keep my fabric together while getting prepared to sew.
Now, After the cut, press, stitch, fold, press, stitch and so on. I finally turned the tube inside out, right side facing out. I tested every needle, placing them all inside, using the belt design to keep them well together, and VoilΓ , It is all done and looks great!


Feb 13, 2019

Crocheted Sugar Skull = Valentines Day Crafting Love ♥ Art, DIY Yarn LOVE

I wanted to make something beautiful for my mom, who loves sugar skulls. Although she does love all types of skulls, she really adores the beautiful colors and interesting looks of the sugar skull. So I decided to search online for some ideas and get a creative inspiration of images online. After a while, I found a beautiful floral skull decoration.

This sugar skull is with a beautiful floral crown on top of the head. Plus, the eyes are done to look like yellow flowers, like sunflowers. The mouth is done right on the head, embroidered and I added some extra details around the skull, to give it a more sugar skull and colorful design.

It's quite fun to create when there are so many colors you get to use and pieces. It really builds some skills with embroidery and crocheting in the rounds. I think what I love most of all is, well the colors. I feel like it's the rainbow of colors when making any type of sugar skull. So to crocheting it all was quite a treat, and I get to use all different colors to design it. 
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Feb 10, 2019

Cute and Adorable Crocheted Little Piggy - Fun Creative Art Sunday

Cute and Adorable Crocheted Little Piggy! This is a simple project and figure I share the pink pig that I made. Just a little yarn, any color could work but made it with a purplish pink color. It's small only needed the legs and arms attached, while the entire thing is crocheted from snout to tail.

I still need to add the eyes, but even without anything else, the piggy came out pretty cute♥
Hope you enjoy!
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