Apr 19, 2019

Lets Sew: Mini Snow Leopard Silk Style Tote Bag - Gift-able DIY Creation at Home

This is a gift for my grandma. She wanted a bag, one like I made before with skulls. However, I felt trying something different and using a piece of silk like material from a scarf to be the outer part and black cotton material for the inside. So with two fabrics, one silky snow leopard printed design and one black to line the inside, I knew this would be something she'd like.

The size of the bag is small, just perfect for money, her phone, and little things. I knew she could only use a small bag since she requested a small one, plus she doesn't go out often and just needed something to hold a few small things. Therefore, this was a perfect bag for her.
What was involved with this creation, the material and accessories. I had used the two fabrics, sewing machine, and many accessories to measure, scissors to cut, and mini clips to hold it in place while sewing. Plus an iron to press, chalk to mark my places for the straps and the webbing style straps.
These mini and large tools helped me make the cute bag. I also should mention the scissors used were both regular and pinking, as the silk material was shredding easily.

  1. Cut the pieces to measure
  2. Attached by sewing the pieces together
  3. Create the hemmed by placing the handles and then folding the top and sewing the handles upwards
  4. Finish sewing the outer side from the bottom to the one side
  5. Turn inside out and done
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Apr 14, 2019

BUILD A BEAR > SEWED PANTS - creating, making, DIY

I wanted to complete the outfit and today I had done it! The build a bear that my sister was given needed a pair of pants, I promised to make her a pair. So today, I took out the sewing machine and used a pattern that I already made to fit the bear. I did before, practice with a pair of white fabric to make pants with, using the pattern and see how the fit would be. It was a bit tight since I forgot about the seam allowance. 
However, with a few minor adjustments, mainly to remember the seams and adding a hemline, it was perfect! I took a black t-shirt, which had flexibility and stretches enough that I didn't need to add any elastic.  I made them just like a pair of waist-high, pull up type of pants. 
As you can see, the pair look perfect and fitted awesome! She was happy and so was I to have made something so lovely and to bring a smile to her face.  Additionally, this weekend I had a task on my mind. Since I know there are many hobbies I like to get into, but I decided to reduce and just focus on a few. This way I can get better with the few I love work on the most. 

Therefore, I had started putting aside and cleaning my room of other crafts that just sat for the longest time. This had made more room for my most used crafts like knitting, sewing, crochet, drawing, and painting. Things that I do most often. Making this weekend full of organizing, cleaning, clearing out, and project creating.

I think after it all, I felt really happy to have reduced and created the bear a pair of pant😊.
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Apr 13, 2019


My sister had been gifted a build a bear and I figure I make her a crocheted sweater, possibly sewed pants soon! So with the color of her choice, a sky blue, and my crochet hook, I was ready to create a simply fast sweater. I used a pattern I wrote for a doll's dress. I know a dress, but how does it work to be a sweater. 
Well, I made the top that would from the neckline and the arms but changed the bottom to just a continuous round of stitches. No changing or complicated stitch techniques. Oh yes, this is a smaller doll style pattern I was using. So working with a little math, I was able to make the pattern fit for a larger doll, well in this case bear. Lastly, when I did the length I needed for this sweater, measuring it up to the bear, I started creating the arms.

I asked her the length she would like, by creating a t-shirt size length first. She was ok with this, so I didn't continue to lengthen the arm. I repeated the steps of adding the yarn to the other armhole and finished it all up by sewing it up in the back and stitching in the tied off strings. Finally, in just under 2 hours, it was done!

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