Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Words For Pictures by Brian Michael Bendis

Lets Learn To Write And Create 
A Comic Book!

The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels
by Brian Michael Bendis &  foreward Joe Quesada
224 pages

Brian Michael Bendis is a well known comic and graphic writer. He has been behind all those wonderful hero comics and books.
Some of these are the Avengers, Spider Man, Xmen, Marvel and a bunch more.  Brian has been awarded for his wonderful comics and books, as they always brought a smile to our faces.

Today I have for you a new book called Words For Pictures. In this book, your learning a bit about the writer, Brian and how went to be a well known writer for these hero based comics. However, when you read forward into the book your understanding how these modern comics are made.
The book explains the steps taken to make the well known comic book script from making a script and the artwork, than how to merge them together and lettering.  When you get into the book, you'll notice the wonderful images and examples throughout this book. So you get a full view of what goes on when building your own comic book.

The books cover and photos are really breath taking. A great way to present to others some examples of comic strips and wording emerged to give you a comic you'll want to read. I really
 loved that its easy to read and understand, with some true life events that Brian had to face when he started out. It shows that there is some difficulties to getting started, but as you keep going and stay strong you'll finally get where you want to be, just never give up!

If you need some inspiration and guidance to comic book writing, than please take a look of it here: 

Here are some other pages you can check out about the author and the book itself:

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Perfect Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs also giveaway

Sweet Dreams Are In Your Future!

Many of us deal with night shifts, working all day and just require a daily nap. 

Therefore, the Perfect Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs is born! This product provides plenty of comfort and allows you to sleep with out feeling any pinching, snagging, or tight elastic rubbing against your head as you move throughout the night.
Secure are to place ear plugs in the back of the mask.

You can use this to sleep well through the night, during those long sunny summer days and even on road trips or in an airplane. The back is easily able to be adjusted, unlike many which are one piece this is a Velcro wrap that can be loosened and tighten to your comfort.

The extra perk of Perfect Sleep Mask is the Ear Plugs. They are perfect fit for all ears and keep out sounds that may interfere with a peaceful rest, during the day or even at night.  

I love the Perfect Sleep Mask because it's comfortable, soft, and light in weight on my eye lids. The ability to adjust is wonderful and fits so many head sizes, while the ear plugs keep out that loud TV playing in the other room. I can finally nap in comfort and feel relaxed while doing so.

You can get your Perfect Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs here: 


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

The Pillow That Provides Everlasting Comfort!

Thank you Mediflow for allowing me to review this extremely comfortable pillow!

The Mediflow Pillow is a soft and comfortable pillow that has your head floating on water. Really, it's a water base pillow that gives you that extra support to keep your neck and head supported in comfort. No matter which way your head moves, from left to right your head and neck will stay supported throughout the night.
Comes with wrench tool in blue and used to fill the pillow with water,
the soft pillow, and directions all in the see through bag for storage.

Here is why the Mediflow Pillow is ranked high by many:

  • Gives the neck and head proper support no matter the way you position the head.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Machine wash and dry
  • 20" x 28" Jumbo size fits standard or queen cases
  • It's a layer based pillow
    • Upper layer is a 5" layer of hypoallergenic polyester fiber = provides comfort for the head.
    • Bottom layer is a thin water base = adds your firm and support throughout the night.
  • You have the ability to change the firmness of the pillow - by adding or removing water.
  • Maintains the same shape throughout the night - no more fluffing or fixing the pillow throughout the night.

The Mediflow Pillow has also been clinically proven through the tests done at Johns Hopkins University. All the tests have proven the pillow to aid in support and a relaxing sleep all night long. The tests the Mediflow Pillow went through were in 5 different categories. 

The tests proved the pillow to help with giving you the least amount of sleep interruptions, faster time to regain sleep, reduction of neck pain, better sleep quality, and less time it takes to achieve sleep. This pillow has proved itself to give you the best amount of sleep compared to any soft polyester filled pillow.

The only difference in using this pillow is that you'll need to do to prep work before using, mainly adding in some water. They give you all the directions and even how to get rid of any air pockets that form.  Its not difficult at all and afterwards you'll head will be supported all night long!

This tool acts as the wrench  and funnel for filling the pillow.

Twist to remove the cap with the wrench like tool

The cap on the back of the pillow, used to fill with water.

Turn the wrench tool around and use as a cap.
Twist it in place of the cap so you can easily pour in the water.
I know by experience, of all the pillows I went through there isn't one I found to be as comfortable and supportive as this one. I love the fact I can fill the water to the amount I need. No more issues of too much firmness or too less. I have the perfect amount every time. Sometimes, our bodies change and we feel that we need to adjust our pillows, so when your using this Mediflow Pillow your actually able to change it whenever you need to get that perfect support right for your head and neck. It's a bit of a different concept than just taking a pillow from the store and laying on it. Instead you are in charge of adding water and perfecting it the way you want it.
Explains the amount  of water you may need for your
  comfort and support  of the pillow.

I actually like that idea because no one pillow is correct and you only know what your bode needs. So with the ability to be in charge and fix the pillow to your liking is marvelous! Another perk of this pillow is the no need to fix it through out the night. I find myself daily on an original pillow, trying to re position it and fluff it up all night long. I'm always up and never getting a full nights rest with out interruptions.

After my first few nights on this pillow, I was waking up later and later. No more disturbance while sleeping and no more discomfort. My neck doesn't need to be cracked or I'm not rubbing it, since the achy pain of a bad nights rest really isn't fun! This pillow really gave me that long nights rest and support I need and I felt so much better to do my daily things without any pain of a bad nights rest.
A good nights rest is in your future!

If your interested in a long, relaxing, and comfortable sleep, than check out the Mediflow Pillow right here:

You also can find this product at your Bed Bath and Beyond.

Here is also a few social networks you can find them at,


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Saturday, July 19, 2014

ROMWE Bathing Suits

Lets Make A Splash!

ROMWE Hollow Dual-tone Sexy Bikini

ROMWE Cross Color Block Green Bikini

ROMWE Color Block Zippered Sexy Bikini

ROMWE Hollow Color Block Halter Bikini

Find more Sexy ROMWE Swimwear here: ROMWE swimwear

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Sammy Dress Jewelry

Dazzle And Shimmer 
All Summer Long!

Retro and Chic Style Anchor Pattern and Faux Jewels Decorated Earrings

Pair of Sweet Spiral Flower Earrings For Women

Trendy Red Diamante Lip Pendant Alloy Necklace For Women

Fashion Chic Style Colorful Gem and Rhinestone Decorated Eagle Shape Necklace

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

DepiTime Handy Hair Removal

A Revolutionary Way To No More Hair!

For a woman or man, having hair can be an issue when it comes to shaving or removing it. The task is such a pain! 

Unfortunately, you might of noticed a few personal hair removal systems to get rid of hair for good, such as the No No, the Tria or any other high priced hair laser removal system you can do at home. However, the ratings are so poor for a few and others are like paying a full month's rent or more to one single machine that may or may not give you the results you want! Why risk it!

Instead, I have for you today something I really find quite worthy for being your hairless remover companion!  This product I'm talking about is called the DepiTime Handy Hair Removal, a product produced by Nanotime in Japan. 

What I love about this product is that you will never need to worry about burning your skin as many claimed from the No No, plus it REALLY gets rid of the hair!

You won't even need to worry about the hair growth coming back as fast as if you just shaved it a day ago. I actually can go a full week or longer before seeing anything, but after just a month I already notice NO HAIR, its incredible!
My skin is softer, smoother, and applying makeup or any beauty product is so much easier now that there is no peach fuzz or whiskers on my face!

Just think about it:

  • No more shaving = leaves those horrible razor bumps, nicks, and cuts. 
  • No more waxing = leaves you with red patches, a burning sensation, and skin sensitivity.
  • No more torture of any kind!

Just thinking about an epilator makes me cringe!

When you want something with real results, which I have seen personally on my own arms, legs and face, than you need to get the DepiTime. It is a huge change in how we remove our hair, and it will save you so much more money in your pocket year after year.

If you want to see it in use, take a look at this video on YouTube. I actually seen it here first and than was just drawn in by the product and I am so glad I've purchased it.

YouTube video:

I am not giving you any false advertising, I really own this product and have been using it for about a month, and the results are WONDERFUL! 
My hair is lighter, and barely coming back. Each week I have less growth and never need to force my body through the pain of shaving with a razor or having stubble growing back in!

Come take a look at this product, you'll be glad you did and so will your skin:

Also here is a coupon code use this for your order to get it at an even better price: 


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