Monday, October 5, 2015

Classic Human Anatomy in Motion: The Artist's Guide to the Dynamics of Figure Drawing by Valerie L. Winslow

The book, Classic Human Anatomy in Motion: by Valerie L. Winslow is excellent with detailed illustration and information about the human body. I really was excited to have this book in my hands and finally understand the different movements and positions that you can sketch/draw of the body. However, the best part is this book has not just the body in it's natural form, female and male, but also in the form of the skeleton and the muscle features of the body.

There is so many ideas how to get a similar look to the bones and shapes in the body that could help make remembering or drawing the figure easier. I love the information as well! It's full of definitions for certain body parts, the different movements the body part will look like when performing the action. You'll have so many helpful ideas and ways to draw all sorts of real action poses and movements for your drawings and paintings! That I think is what I like best because  sometimes it gets a little confusing to understand what part of the body can do what exactly when your drawing it up, but when you have the information in front of you, there isn't much thought needed to remember or try to figure out the shape it would take.
I think for a book like this, a student, beginner, or anyone interested in drawing or painting the human body would find this book as helpful as I have! The detailed information and illustration has really been helpful and now I'm set to drawing realistic poses of a human
body and even understanding the anatomy of the body even more!
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Friday, October 2, 2015

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Sewing Family Fun for Everyone by Janith Bergeron and Christine Ecker

The book, Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Sewing by Janith Bergeron and Christine Ecker is a wonderful book of projects and ideas to create things with the sewing machine and a few hand stitched as well! I love the different and easy as well as fun projects inside the book! There are so many little things you can make that children of all ages can do. I find it to be my family project book, since I'm always inspired to create some fun and exciting things all homemade with the family. The book has many things from a clothing to a pillows, there are so many cute child and adult projects that the entire family could make.

It's not hard either! They are very well illustrated and so much guidance with text on how to and what you'll need to construct this item. It's very fun and such a bright and cute book of projects I can do with my family together. I always am looking for something to do with my sewing machine and even learn something new. This book does just that and some more different techniques with hand sewing as well! However, the most part of this book is based on the machine and using it to create designs. 

Finally, This is such a lovely book and wonderful for an entire family to do together. ♥♥

Information About The Author:
Janith Bergeron and Christine Ecker founded The Sewing Tree in the spring of 2003 and enjoy teaching sewing to people of all ages and interests. They have developed a very comprehensive method of teaching from beginner to advanced students.

Janith Bergeron founded Designs by Janith in 1991, specializing in creating beautiful, custom-designed garments. She teaches classes at various sewing-related businesses and schools, striving to bring fun into every stitch and a sense of accomplishment into every project. Janith was the founder of the New Hampshire chapter of the American Sewing Guild in 2001. A Master Certified Sewing Educator-SEA (2008), a Trained Sewing Educator/S&CA since 2002, and a 4-H educator/leader, Janith has been a contributor to Threads magazine's Pattern Review since 2003. Janith lives in Barrington, New Hampshire.

Christine Ecker began sewing as a young child with her grandmother. Primarily self-taught, her sewing interests include specialty dresses, costumes, children's clothes, home decor, crafts, bags, and machine embroidery. As the owner of Stolen Time Creations, Christine worked closely with a local Portsmouth, New Hampshire, designer creating one-of-a-kind handbags. Christine was an active member of the board for the New Hampshire chapter of the American Sewing Guild. She has been a Trained Sewing Educator/ S&CA since 2004. Christine lives in Dover, New Hampshire.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Detomaso Watches - MILANO BLACK Chronograph

The Detomaso MILANO BLACK Watch is excellent and very well crafted for the men in your life or even a female. However, for me this MILANO BLACK  is very sleek and fits the wrist very nicely! I love the size of the watches head, which is very easy to read the time and date. Also, once you pick up the watch right from the box, you'll notice the quality of Stainless Steel used to make the product. It's definitely very light weight, but has a feel of quality and strength!

For me, this is such an excellent watch compared to many that I've owned and it's look is just gorgeous in black, allowing me to match it with everything I own and wear daily! For a man's watch, it's very sleek, but I think it works just as great for a woman as well! However, I can tell you the watch works great, and comes in such a nice box with a beautiful design. I love the easy to turn dials on the side and it's just a really stunning piece on my wrist!
Features I love best about this product:
  • Size - Perfect adjustable size for my wrist, small or large can fit!
  • Design - Nice weight to this product, love the feel of the strap almost like chain mail, light weight and has a nice black color through out the watch. It's also an easy watch to close and open. The size of the watches head is large as well and easy to read.
  • Perfect Gift - The Watch comes in a nice case and very elegant for anyone to open and just perfect to also send someone, and make their day special!♥
Finally, this could make an excellent gift for a husband or anyone. It is just lovely! 

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