Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Hughapy Brown Cute Sleeping Cat Shaped Bedroom Area Rug,Tabby Cat carpet

I love my new Tabby Cat Carpet and that it reminds me of a book I use to read when I was young, about a cat name Tabby. The Hughapy Brown Cute Cat Carpet is very adorable, and so soft to touch as well as step on. I love the size, which I have is the smaller of the three, but that is perfect for my room.

Reasons I love this adorable Tabby Carpet:
  • Comfortable - I can feel the soft fibers on my toes every time I step on to it. There is no hard or rough pieces and my own cat I find her napping on top it as well.
  • Anti-Slip - The bottom of this rug is made to keep from slipping on hard floors and it does a really great job. I actually tried it on my kitchen floor, once arrived. Than I took it to my carpeted Bedroom and either floor, the rug didn't move or glide once I stepped on top of it.
  • Durable - There is no falling apart here! I didn't notice any piece flying off or breaking off when I was holding it or bending it, just to check.
  • Design - Looks so realistic! They captured the cat perfectly and the shape and color is just stunning.

So my final opinion, I really really love this rug! So cute and so adorable :). 
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dbmier A4 LED Ultra-Thin Light Tracer Artcraft Tracing Light Pad Light Box

The Dbmier Led Ultra-Thin Light Box is very thin, like having your tablet in front of you. It has a lovely black boarder and ruler guide on the left and top side. I love the amount of light it gives, once plugged in and no heat or irritation from the LED occurs while looking down at it.

Here are my reasons why I enjoy the Dbmier Led Ultra Thin Light Box:
  • Easy To Operate/Use - Just plug the AC Power Adapter into an outlet and the other end into the device. Next press the power button, which there is only one button with the power symbol in the corner and begin drawing/copying and so much more!
  • Design - It reminds me of a picture frame, very slim and a nice thick black boarder. The light is illuminated in the center allowing your object/objects be be view-able, from the smallest fibers of a blanket to the detailed designs of any piece of drawn art. The top and left side of the light box has a ruler guide, perfect for keeping measurements with many crafts and sizes of certain objects you need created in your photo. The power supply is plugged on the side, keeps any problem of it getting in your way for drawing, sketching or many other projects.
  • Size - This is the 12" x 8", but the best part is that the main part that your using, the center of the black framed boarder is the actual 12" x 8". Therefore, you really are giving a large space to work with and what you paid for! No more tricks here, like many will mention the size of the object, but also include the part you don't use. However, the Dbmier A4 Led Light Box gives you the dimensions for the space your able to use and the black frame actually makes it come out to 14 " x 10" total.
  • Brightness - The lamp inside is the use of LED lights, which are super bright and don't have any effect with the eyes as many LED products may flicker or cause irritation to your eyes if looked at. However, this light is a cool LED light in color and it gives the entire box the right illumination to see every piece of he design or object your trying to trace or copy. You also have three settings, as it goes from low, medium to high in brightness. So you will see all lines light and dark when tracing or copying an image.
  • Multiple Uses - Yes it isn't only great for Tracing on paper, but for capturing the stitch of yarn, making perfect lettering with calligraphy, signatures, scrapbooking, tattoos and so much more crafting projects. I use this for a variety of things from creating my own comic book script for scrapbooking or card making, to perfecting a very well designed writing on the cards and letters I'm writing out to others. 
  • Portable - It's slim, strong, durable and very easy to store or take with you any place. Just supply the paper or which ever item your using it with and your ready to go. Everything comes in the box from the charger and the light box, so your set to go once it comes in the mail!

Finally, The Dbmier is a terrific Light Box, very well made and a big step up from the crayola brand I've been using for awhile. The design is easy to hold and the room on the screen is very well illuminated to allow me to get an entire landscape traced or the details of a photo.

Terrific product, I highly recommend!
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